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DIY Vapor Rub Shower Melts doTERRA t DIY Shower

DIY Vapor Rub Shower Melts doTERRA t DIY Shower


Try this easy recipe for homemade vapor rub shower cubes. This DIY remedy is perfect for clearing up nasal congestion and cold symptoms.

These sinus and allergy shower melts are easy to make and can help with the worst allergy symptoms.

Vapor Shower Disks made with essential oils! Toss in the shower when you are congested!

Skip the Vicks and try homemade eucalyptus shower melts for colds instead! This tutorial shows you how to make easy aromatherapy melts with essential oils ...

Soothing Shower Melts for Colds, Flu, or Anytime | Wellness Mama

Homemade Vicks Shower Disks. (Note: And for goodness sake, don't put glitter in it. That plastic ends up in the ocean!)

grapefruit essential oil shower melts diy doterra

DIY Vicks Shower Disks - make them now and use when your kids are sick. Throw them onto the floor of the shower while they bathe

Vicks Vapor Rub Shower Cubes Keep Colds At Bay | The WHOot

Stop that cough and those stopped up noses with these VapoRub Shower Bombs

DIY THREE Ingredient Vapor Rub Shower Disks! http://fabulesslyfrugal.com/ vapor-shower-disks-ingredients/

Skip the Vicks and try homemade eucalyptus shower melts for colds instead! This tutorial shows you how to make easy aromatherapy melts with essential oils ...

Vicks Shower Bombs DIY

Homemade Vapor Rub Shower Cubes : DIY Home Remedy

Love the discontinued Vicks shower melts? Make your own with this DIY vapor shower melts recipe. This recipe is without citric acid and uses vapor rub ...

Essential oil shower steamers and melts-- No time for baths, but love the aromatherapy benefits of bath bombs? Try shower melts! 15+ ideas for…

How to Make Homemade "Vicks" Shower Melts - Skip the store bought vapor tablets! This homemade natural remedy works much better, is cheaper and are so easy ...

Homemade Vapor Rub Shower Melts- Easy DIY Vicks Shower Bombs | Books Worth Reading | Pinterest | Vapour rub, Crafts and Homemade

Soothing Vapor Bath Soak

DIY shower vapor disks, copy-cat recipe of Vicks vapor disks without the chemicals

Do it Yourself Vapor Shower Disks!! Only THREE Ingredients!! No essential oils

These DIY Shower Steamers are so comforting during cold season! Make your own using essential oils and a few ingredients from the grocery store.

Love using doTERRA essential oils? Need ways to use them? Need relief from cold and flu symptoms? Make Shower Bombs.

No time for a bath? Simple aromatherapy shower tablets are perfect for de-stressing, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Shower Melts - replace corn starch with arrowroot or potato starch, skip food coloring.

A DIY aromatherapy shower steamers recipe to energize your mornings. These make a great homemade gift!

8 DIY Shower Melts

These shower melts are a great substitute for when you're short on time but really want to relax. As an added bonus, they are inexpensive to make too.

shower vapor tablets for decongesting Shower Steamers, Doterra Essential Oils, Young Living Essential Oils

Lemon Essential Oil Shower Melts


Save. Have you seen the commercials for the Vicks Vapor shower tablets ...

DIY Shower Soothers for colds/sinus infections, etc

Easy DIY Vicks Vapor Rub Shower Disks

DIY All Natural Essential Oils Vapor Rub! Homemade Vicks Recipe for Kids! Perfect for the Fall and Winter Months!

Vicks Shower/Bath Cubes ~~ 2 c baking soda, 2/3 cup water, 15 drops each of peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender essential oils.

DIY Vicks Shower Pucks Ingredients: 1 Cup Baking soda Cup Cornstarch - Cup Water 2 - 3 tsp Vicks vapor rub Heat water enough to melt vicks.

These shower steamers are like bath bombs for the shower. They bubble and fizz with aromatherapy relief to help with cold congestion.

These Aromatherapy Shower Melts Are The Perfect De-Stressing Solution

Vicks Shower Disks Vicks Shower Disks, Vicks Shower Bombs, Shower Steamers, Diy Spa

My Essential Oil Adventure: DIY Decongestant Shower Bombs

Doterra bath bombs Drop App, Doterra Recipes, Diy Baths, Doterra Essential Oils,

soothing shower melts

Get sinus relief with these easy shower bombs! via @pinnedandrepinn

Do it Yourself Vapor Shower Disks!! Only THREE Ingredients

I'm in love with essential oils now! No bath is without lavender oil, and lemon oil water is my new favorite drink. My advice: DO YOUR RESEARCH!


Breathe easy in the shower with these simple cold and flu shower melts!

DIY Shower Soothers! Congestion Relief! Get more info here: Keep in Touch!

Shower Vapor Disks with Essential Oils. Doterra Essential OilsEssential Oil DiffuserEssential Oil BlendsDiy ...

Do it Yourself Vapor Shower Disks!! Only THREE Ingredients!! | DiscountQueens.com | General good to know stuff | Pinterest | Vicks shower disks, Vapour rub ...

DIY: How to make shower vapor disks

Homemade Shower Soothers

Homemade Aromatherapy Fizzy Shower Bombs Homemade Shower Bombs, Bath Balms, Diy Shower, Olive

DIY Vicks Vapor Shower Disks

Homemade Vicks Shower Tablets | Recipe | health | Pinterest | Vicks shower, Homemade gifts and DIY

Sinus Shower Bombs + free printable label | Free printable labels, Printable labels and Feel better

This shower melts recipe is an easy DIY using simple ingredients at home. If you are curious how to use essential oils in the shower this shower melts DIY ...

DIY Shower Bombs for Cold and Flu Season

Need a way to invigorate yourself at the start of the day? These DIY uplifting

Homemade Shower Melts Recipe Using Vapor Rub

DIY Peppermint Eucalyptus Vapor Rub..... - Jenni Raincloud

Make your own DIY Vapor Rub Shower Steamers to relieve colds and breathe easier. Easy

Shower Discs for Aromatherapy. Diy ...

Make your own all-natural vicks vapor shower disks. Great for flu season!

DIY Vicks Shower Tablets recipe - homemade decongestant disks for the shower, to bring cold relief. #diygifts #shower #coldrelief

How To Make Homemade Vapor Rub

DIY Decongestant Shower Tablets recipe -- homemade shower soothers

Homemade Vicks Shower Disks

2 cups of water 2 tsp. salt 1 tsp. coconut oil 5 drops of

Sinus Headache Relief Shower Bombs Recipe

DIY Shower Disks- great to add to a steamy shower to help a stuffy nose!

DIY Vicks Shower Disks || Practically Functional

DIY Peppermint Shower Bomb www.pinkwhen.com @pinkwhen

Shower Bombs with Essential Oils

Using Vintage Butter Molds to Make Decongestant Shower Melts

Vicks shower pucks Vicks Shower Bombs, Vicks Shower Disks, Bath Bomb Recipes, Bath

doTERRA Essential Oils DIY Peppermint Toilet Bombs Recipe

This bath helps relax tense, sore muscles yet doesn't leave you smelling of

Homemade essential oils shower disks *NOTE: you can add Vicks Vapor Rub if you don't have essential oils!

How to make a soothing lavender detox bath

DIY Vicks shower steam tablets

homemade vapor rub for colds & flu. Opens sinuses, clears congestion, relieves

Check out this super easy way to make Peppermint essential oil shower melts and turn your next shower time into sauna time!

Homemade "vicks" vapor shower disks. Try these with doTERRA oils! You can Order Essential Oils (EO) and/or contact me online at ...

DIY: De-stress Shower Tablets

Beeswax Coconut oil Euc pepp rsmry eo

Aromatherapy shower disc. My DoterraDiy ...

This shower melts recipe is similar to homemade shower soothers. These DIY shower steamers is great if you are curious how to use essential oils in the ...

Homemade Vapor Rub - DIY Chest Rub like

Oatmeal Lavender Bath Tea. DIY ...

DIY All Natural Soothing Vapor Shower Tabs

How to Make Cold-Soothing Shower Bombs

With VIcks Vapor Rub, that is! Create homemade mentholated shower tabs with cornstarch and vapor rub, and place one on your shower floor.