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Warm sunshine cold breeze Visible signshidden love Smiles

Warm sunshine cold breeze Visible signshidden love Smiles


You were invited. Why did you leave so quickly? Loving you always!

Warm sunshine, cold breeze. Visible signs...hidden love. Smiles reveal

Sights, sounds, smells, routines. Comfort, but I choose to leave.

Desperate for You Lost without You, my treasure Wisdom...each day.

Friend, you surprised me. For a moment we met, shared. Joy to

Long ago, first steps. With you I have traveled well. Today let us

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Harsh words burst forth! Pain! Flashing from my heart they were. A lesson

Smiles. Frowns. Cries of joy and pain.

Hidden yet shining brightly For all seeking love Lds Clipart,

Details distorted Remains bear the truth I need Wisdom in trust, love

I received Your love How short was the time we shared Till we meet again Friendship

Let the light in, please Warmth, growth, fruit await.decide Constant is my love

Stokes the flames of love within. Such warmth for each day

Memories of hugs given and received, my love, warms my heart and soul.

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You express such joy Smiling you ignite my love Tears flow within me

Those smiles lifted my spirit. Lives ever entwined.

Your words to Your loves Only with grace can I speak Tears of joy follow

Joy in your presence Love in our thoughts and our words Such treasured moments

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Love so deep and wide Time so swift, ever changing Joy for a moment Great

Warmth recedes. Your presence warms my soul, Lord. You knock

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Cold comes. Warmth within. Pain persists, but tears flow, heal. You

Suddenly a loss Sadness penetrates, covers Find hope in God's love

Times shared, remembered Handing you to God's embrace Friend, thanks for your love Heart

Smiles, joy engulf me Faith, love cover your battles Thanking God for you

Words seen...love hidden. Today reveal, celebrate? Why not,

Your eyes, smile, such love Memories stirred of past joys Food for the journey

Warm air. Gentle breeze. Sensing love surrounding me. How blessed are we all

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Feels amazibg to read this. Thank you whomever wrote this beautiful piece. Zodiac Quotes

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TWO-YEAR-old Gracie Hughes suffers from Raynaud's syndrome. Here Mum Laurie describes her worrying condition.

Your Smile, Make You Smile, Make It Yourself

Hugs are the best.and not some cold, lifeless hug either.hugs like you mean it are the ones to give and receive.

Angelina Jolie Smiles On Day Out With Son Maddox, 17, Amidst Brad Pitt Divorce Drama

Her messy hair a visible attribute of her stubborn spirit. As she shakes it free, she smiles knowing wild is her favorite color.

Nothing is a mistake.



Life ...

May you feel loved, honored, respected, appreciated, and supported.

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Zodiac Signs 2016 as Emojis :-)

my squad: GEMINI, LEO, SAGITTARIUS. Run....save yourself > : )

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What the Zodiac Signs Are Scared Of?

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I need to be way more positive! My problems are soo small and not even

Take good with bad, smile when sad, remember what you had. Forgive don't forget, learn from mistakes. Never regret. Life goes on

Chronic pain

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Love yourself

Inspirational ...


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Avoid these foods to stop bad breath

... someone out there is breathing their last. Appreciate what you have. Be grateful and stop complaining. Live more, complain less. Have more smiles, less ...

If Zodiac Signs Were Emoji

Red Love Heart Tree


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Keep on smiling

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Dani Bustamante

Always remember.it is necessary, and even vital, to set standards for your life and the individuals you allow in it♥


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Leslee Manderson

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Romantic scene.

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MOVE over 5:2, there's an easy new diet and this time you'll watch the clock, not the calories.

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Love quotes of sorts

There you go all of my delightful friends, shut up & know you're loved

One drawing shows a man apparently looming over a child who has a look of abject terror on her face. Another harrowing image apparently shows a girl lying ...

Aries will find many ways to make you happy. Aries love seeing you sport a

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Yep! I'm naturally nosey and not because I want or need to gossip

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