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Oh my josh im so dun with these bandoms this is hilarious t

Oh my josh im so dun with these bandoms this is hilarious t



send help I'm obsessed with two bands one of them is dead and the other one is play dead.

Gee makes a prettier chick than most of us out there. One of the best men alive

This related to like every band member that I listen too; not just Gee

I should expects this stuff Vampire Kids, My Chemical

< My Chemical Romance, Emo Bands, Music Bands, Greenday


#wattpad #opowiadanie Sytuacje z życia emo dziecka, zdjęcia i różne dziwne rzeczy związane

Funny Pic Dump (12.14.13) | Pleated-Jeans.com

I love how the other user is therunandwoah which obviously is from the tøp bandom and I love it

This is kinda genuinely upsetting but also hilarious

I was impressed then and I'm UNimpressed now -KK

Just For Fun

I've never ignored Josh and to be honest I've always liked him. He's just there, silently supporting Tyler from the background.

frik* tyjo doesn't curse you buttheads

Find ...

TØP is such a popular band now, I'm so happy for them but it's also kinda sad 🙃 Love you Smøl beans

I don't ship Ryan and Brendon whatsoever but I'm saving this for the TWTL one because that's how I felt about it

I ship it so much lmao (I'm also respectful, love their wives and children, and understand it was a thing of the past.

twenty one pilots, jishwa, and josh dun afbeelding

I know this isn't Andy, but it's pretty damn funny if you ask

I laughed harder than I should have>>>tjosh dun

No Taco Bell josh ? I am disappointed

Oh my josh I'm so dun with this

Aww bands fighting over each other is adorable.

“And how is it that you, could like chipotle ay ay ay ayyyyy” Only die hard fans will get this. < < < you know you'll die from eating chipotle! Heck yeah I'm a ...

If this picture doesn't make you smile then I don't know what

Gerard had a tiny pouch, Mikey wore glasses, Jensen Ankles has a tummy, Ray Toro's hair is all over the place, I could go on

Young tyler joseph looks like gavin


Find this Pin and more on Bandoms by Caitlin.

The true lives of the fabulous killjoys by gerard way

Oh a completely unrelated note, happy 8 months and 3 Days of the hiatus.

So true nd the fact that its Remi makes its better

his hair looks like a cloud oh my

This is real and I'm scrEAMING <

Chester Charles Bennington (March 1976 – July was an American singer and songwriter best known as the frontman for the rock band Linkin Park.

Jish~k. Josh dun ...

Oh god I'm dieing, heavy hardcore is the last way I would describe

Oh my lanta. Twenty one pilots Tyler Joseph Josh Dun power to the local dreamer skeleton clique

I love his fun little stories! Hilarious, Funny Memes, Jokes, Funny Quotes

Same XD >>>As soon as I started reading this, I read the first part to the tune of My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark.

Josh Dun and Brendon Urie Twenty One Pilots Panic! At The Disco

They are so cute//// *alarm noise* OTP ALERT OTP ALERT *flashing red strobe lights* did josh take that

mine pete wentz fall out boy Patrick Stump joe trohman andy hurley my songs know what you did in the dark save rock and roll save rock & roll The Phoenix ...


wow so meaningful and beautiful and oh my god I am touched Emo Meme, Band

Oh My Josh I'm So Dun T-Shirt

The song is the one I listen to when I feel like crying so I can feel it so hard and cry. <

Ariel Walter on

At The Disco songs acted out by SpongeBob Characters < < I'm dying this is too funny!

Love this Pranks, Chain Mail, Wierd Pictures, Funny Snapchat Pictures, Emoji Pictures

Lol I wore a FOB shirt today and I only got noticed by my friends my school has no taste in music tbh because um pretty sure most people like FOB

Literally Fall Out Boy fans

I mean...can't hurt. Right?

Reminds me of the Vine where Tyler makes Josh sing as much of "Heavydirtysoul" as he can and he gets like one line in before jumbling everything hahaha!

Josh Dun. Twenty One Pilots. |-/Blurryface Tour. Stay Street.

EchelonFamily on

I wonder where the hell is the camera…

panic! at the phandom Unisex T-Shirt Dan And Phill, Fandom Fashion,

This always reminds me of the mug frank has Tyler And Josh, Joshua William Dun

when the member with the most tattoos also usually wears the least amount of clothing 😩👏🏼

ig: Hannahzaugg

This is perfect

Most fandoms I am legit terrified to say how long I have been there in fear that others will call me an untrue fan, but with the fob fan/bandom it is like " ...

This is two things overlapping that I didn't even realize existed in the same

Oh honey.... we know.... that's not an insult

The Beautiful World Of Fandoms.

“you only like them for their looks”

isn't he the one who dates ashlee simpson, who had pictures of his cock on the internet and is the lead-singer in this rock-band? yes (if you use it in the ...


Oh my josh I'm so dun sweatshirt grey crewneck for womens teenag

The Other dictionary

Bandom texts: Joshler, Peterick, Ryden... Fanfiction. Beebo adds the ...

I dressed up with my friend Haley as twenty one pilots at school for favorite band day… I was Josh Dun ...

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun // Twenty One Pilots < < < More like Twenty-One Sass masters < < < oh my Josh. I'm so Dun with this.

memes all day long

Like fr thooo

Oh my josh I 'm so dun T-Shirt womens girls teens unisex grunge

New OH MY JOSH I'M SO DUN Letters Short Crop Tops - Women's Crop

I dressed up with my friend Haley as twenty one pilots at school for favorite band day… I was Josh Dun ...

I am just so hot!” - Brendon Urie's Yearbook

It's the early hours of the morning when the best memories are made. You and your boyfriend Brendon are tangled up together under the covers, listening to ...

but Mama we're all full of lies

also check out the pete/patrick section of my reclist!

Band members are an exception for most things excluding rape. They could murder someone and

the story of how fall out boy was born is awesome and could be a fan-fiction itself. joe and pete were friends and wanted to start a band. or they already ...

I was Josh Dun and she was Tyler Joseph.

It's time for the annual pony prom! This years dates are 13th-15th of july, and the location is the Crystal empire!

I was Josh Dun and she was Tyler Joseph.

“What the…is this allowed?!”

oH gOsh

“I'm excited for The Hometown Shows this week! good luck tyler nails!”

the sounds are from sweden. they are not really a bandom band but their singer, the wonderful maja ivarsson took part in cobra starship's bring it (snakes ...

Random Band Things Aloisa Writes

the used got into the bandom-circle because they toured a lot with my chemical romance in the beginning. bert and gerard had a weird relationship but they ' ...

When you find out about all the crazy stuff going on right now